Curvin Leatham is the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for The Washington Informer Charities Inc.  He currently serves as Assistant Vice President and Consultant of the Corporate Sales Development division at PNC Bank in the Greater Washington & Baltimore area. Over the past five years, he has worked closely with CEOs and Corporate Executives to help determine ways to help their businesses operate more efficiently. 

He has extensive experience in sales strategy, commercial banking, and has a breath of expertise working with multi-family housing development. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Hampton University and his Masters’ Degree in Real Estate Finance & Development from Georgetown University. 

In addition, Curvin has published seven articles focused on residential housing in the U.S., he is the Co-founder of the African American Employee Business Resource Group at PNC, and he is on the Board of Directors of the Diversity & Inclusion unit. Curvin is also the founder of Areaprobe.com, a web platform that he developed while pursing his graduate degree. AreaProbe provides market research information about neighborhoods to help business owners and not-for-profit organizations better understand market conditions/opportunities before investing resources in a particular community.

He is a resident of Washington, DC and attends Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA.


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Curvin Leatham


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